// Week 12_ Reading Note//

This week’s reading consisted of a five videos discussing architectural education.


Some important points from the videos:

-Students ‘are essentially inquisitive and optimistic; intuitively they have a contemporary sense’ (1).

-There is a need to resolve the gap between education and the professional world of architecture and also to connect other professions to architecture (2).

-How innovation and globalization has affected education.

-“Number of schools committed to innovation is very small, some just need to survive. We only survive through innovation!” However we must not forget that ‘innovation is incremental, we have to learn step by step’ (2)

-Students are put one against the other and are subject to awful reviews that sometime bring them to tears! And we call this education! (3)

- There is too much emphasis on individual creativity, lack of collaborative engagement. We must learn to work as a collective. (3)

-We must imagine and do useless things that will eventually help us as architects. (4)

All these points are valid, and in relating them to my design education I can say that I think the University of Manitoba is doing fairly well. Although students are still subject to reviews I feel that the negative feedback is always constructive criticism, which in turn in so helpful! I feel that in this past term I have used my imagination to do ‘useless’ projects, but that they are helping me so much. We’ve also done some collaborative work. The only thing that has not been fulfilled from this list is resolving the gap between the professional world and schools, however it is early in the education process, this may become relevant in the years to come.


Video’s watched:

1. Guest Speakers at IE : Thom Mayne, “Architecture and Education”


2. Architecture Deans talk about the future of Education


3. Education in Architecture: Global Difference


4. Preston Scott Cohen: Challenges of architectural education


5. OMA “Urgency” Rem Koolhaas and Peter Eisenman in conversation at the Canadian Centre for Architecture