// Week 8_Reading Note_ Rem Koolhaas//

 This week’s reading, which actually consisted of three videos, was about Rem Koolhaas. Koolhaas can be credited as an international architect who works all throughout the world. He is a great architect who believes in keeping the world of iconic architecture at bay and focusing on the functionality of the building. He talks a great deal about the urgency architecture faces, stating that a building takes at least 4 years to build from finish to end however there are few times in which that time limit can be realised. Architecture is slow process, but is demanded to be produced quickly; could this be the reason an architect would turn to building an iconic building rather than a purely functional one?

Koolhaas is perhaps correct in his thoughts about iconic buildings; they are possibly unique and embody a certain character. However is their functionality as great as it could be? There may be a sense of visual pleasure that comes to the user through the iconic building but are they satisfied with its functionality? If there were a world where there were only iconic buildings, then maybe they wouldn’t be iconic anymore. Although Rem Koolhaas’ buildings may also be iconic, they are first and foremost designed for their functionality and only when form follows its function is Rem able to achieve this form of iconic building.

Here are some examples of Koolhaas’ functional works that are indeed iconic.


Prada Store in Manhattan


CCTV Building in China


Videos watched:

Rem in Conversation with Charlie Rose:



Rem in Conversation with Peter Eisenman and Phyllis Lambert:


Photo Credit :

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