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The World’s Tallest Wooden House




The world’s tallest wooden house (or at least is taught to be) stood at 13 storeys and to a height of 144 feet. It was constructed by Nikolai Sutyagin (most of it by himself) of Archangelsk, Russia, and on December 26, 2008 the tower was demolished and in later months the rest of the structure. The house was still incomplete after 15 years of construction and was never finished.

The house was ordered to be demolished as it was considered to be a fire hazard. The city states that no wooden structure stood be greater than two storeys tall, this exceeded the limit significantly. The structure was also instable, and starting to crumble.  Many neighbours complained, saying it was hideous and an eyesore to the neighbourhood.


Nikolai Sutyagin originally planned to build a two storey house, to be bigger than his neighbours to state the fact he was the richest man in the city. Through unfortunate events to many Russian millionaires during the 1990s, Sutyagin was thrown into prison (claiming he was set up) and upon release was penniless. The house was at first two floors tall, than through additions throughout the 15 years it reach its height of 144ft before been demolished.  It was always a continuing project, never been complete.


Sutyagin designed and built his house by himself. He had no blueprint or nothing - it was all through his mind when he was physical creating this house.

People can call this as fantasy architecture, or architecture that expresses the individual that dwells in it and the local area.


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